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Make Winter Biking Enjoyable!

About Portland Pogies

How do you use pogies?

Watch these two videos on how to attach pogies on flat and drop handlebars:


What are Portland Pogies?

Portland Pogies are made to keep your hands warm and dry while biking!

The idea of the cycling pogies came from a visit to Shanghai where everyone uses hand coverings while riding their motor scooters. After taking some back home to Portland and adapting them to my bicycle, I decided to develop a product fitting the Pacific Northwest.

The pogies' outer layer is waterproof, made from high quality technical scraps that are too small for production purposes. The insulation and fleece inner layers are soft and warm and are also made from scrap materials. 

All pogies are designed to fit both road bikes and mountain bikes. They velcro on your bike, which makes it easy to pull hands in and out. The pogies create a warm pocket around your hand, so shifting and braking are the same as if you were wearing nothing at all.

I am from Portland and am working to create a business that contributes to our community and makes winter biking enjoyable!

Lauren Gross, Founder