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Make Winter Biking Enjoyable!

22 Sep


Posted by Portland Pogies in #winterbiking, bikebusiness

I stopped in at SoupCycle to deliver a pair of pogies to Nate yesterday. SoupCycle has been delivering soup by bicycle to Portlanders since 2008 and has just expanded to other cities! 

It's hard to keep your hands warm and dry when biking and when you do business by bike, out in the elements every day, it's that much more important to take care of your digits. 

I'm hoping to get pogies to more businesses by bicycle, so they can keep on doing what they do!

Check out their website so you too can become a soupetarian at www.soupcycle.com

20 Sep

Portland Pogies

Posted by Portland Pogies

I've been wanting to keep a blog about all the things that happen when operating my business. Now that I'm in the third season of making pogies, it's time to make this happen! 

So much has happened in the past couple months and I want to share it with everyone. First off, the business has a new name! I've decided to call my business "Portland Pogies."

Pogies is a term that comes from the kayaking world for the hand-coverings they use when paddling...Read More

28 Oct

Season 2!

Posted by Bike Mitts in #winterbiking
Time to make mitts again and it feels great! The weather is turning for the worse and the fabric has been procured! Last year, 35 Bike Mitts were sold. This year, it would be great to get Mitts on more handlebars. Plans are in the works to sell at some bike shops around Portland, get them on the handlebars of people who do business by bicycle and provide them to everyone else who need warm, dry hands in the wintertime!
02 Dec

BikeCraft 2013

Posted by Portland Pogies

Had a great time at BikeCraft this weekend launching Bike Mitts! It's a bit nerve racking selling something you made by hand for the first time, but turned out great. Sold a few, made some great connections, and got a few orders for some more! Can't wait to see how this develops.