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Make Winter Biking Enjoyable!

18 Oct

Pogie Stories: What are those?!

Posted by Portland Pogies in #pogiestories, #winterbiking

I moved back home to Portland in December of 2012. With only a bike to get around town in the wintertime, I decided to try out the hand coverings that were given to me in Shanghai.

Because they were made for motorbikes, I had to use a bit of duct tape to make them fit on my road bike. Not only were my hands toasty and dry all winter, I started getting recognized around town!

So many people asked me about them! They even rolled down their car windows to comment. After that first season of wearing them, I decided to make a pair specifically designed for bicycles. And the prototyping began...


30 Sep

Pogie Stories: The Beginning

Posted by Portland Pogies in #pogiestories, #winterbiking

Along with updates and happenings, I'd like to share how Portland Pogies came to be and other fun things about this adventure.

To start, here is a picture of the motor scooter hand coverings I saw while staying in Shanghai: 

 I spent 3 months there in the spring of 2010. Though it was spring, it was pretty cold and I would say the majority of scooters had them on.

I had never seen a product like that and stopped outside a shop to get a closer look. The man who owned the scooter saw me checking them out. I thought he would yell at me, but instead he took them off his scooter and gave them to me!