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05 Oct

Skidmore Saturday and Sunday Market

Posted by Portland Pogies in #weekendmarket, #winterbiking

First time selling at the market! I packed up all my market gear on my bike trailer and headed down to the Portland Saturday Market this past Saturday and Sunday.

It was a perfect autumn weekend where the sun was shining and air was crisp. The market had a lot of people on Saturday. Sunday was a bit slower as the Portland Marathon was taking place and market goers don't want to deal with downtown traffic.

My intention going into the weekend was to sell a couple pairs (of course) as well as to figure out my systems and learn more about the types of people who visit the market. 

It was easier than I thought to get space down there. I learned that the Skidmore Market is actually run separately from the Saturday Market. It is the space across the MAX tracks where they sell elephant ears. All I had to do was call up the Friday before and get their early Saturday to get a space. 

Since I make my products locally, and they are trying to get more local vendors in, I think they were happy to have me there. They were very accommodating and even gave me a corner spot, so I could get more traffic.

I will definitely continue selling at the market, but will wait until after Thanksgiving when the weather gets a bit colder and market goers are thinking a bit more about giving gifts for the holidays.

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