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20 Sep

Portland Pogies

Posted by Portland Pogies

I've been wanting to keep a blog about all the things that happen when operating my business. Now that I'm in the third season of making pogies, it's time to make this happen! 

So much has gone on in the past couple months and I want to share it with everyone. First off, the business has a new name! I've decided to call it "Portland Pogies."

Pogies is a term that comes from the kayaking world for the hand-coverings they use when paddling. In 1974 Billy Nutt, kayak slalom champion, invented them and named them after a bait fish because he wanted to name them something ridiculous. (see the article here). 

Since then, the term has been adopted for snowmobiles, motorcycles, and bicycles. Needing to change the name of my business, I wanted to make something that represents the product as well as the place where they are made...welcome Portland Pogies!

Here is what the kayaking pogies look like (with my version in the background ;)): 


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