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Make Winter Biking Enjoyable!

11 Nov

Portland Night Market

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The weather is crisp, leaves keep falling, days are getting shorter and...holidays are approaching! Now is the time to gear up for cold weather.

I will be selling Portland Pogies at several markets in the next couple months including the Portland Night Market on November 20th and 21st. If you are there, please stop by and say Hi!


30 Oct

Pogies with Breakfast

Posted by Portland Pogies

This morning I hung out with friends at (the Halloween) Breakfast on the Bridges. The last Friday of every month, brave souls offer free coffee and donuts to bike commuters.

With rain and a super strong head wind that made me work to bike downhill, I'm happy at least my hands were warm and dry! I'll admit it was a bit of a struggle to drink coffee with Pogies on my hands though :)

18 Oct

Pogie Stories: What are those?!

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I moved back home to Portland in December of 2012. With only a bike to get around town in the wintertime, I decided to try out the hand coverings that were given to me in Shanghai.

Because they were made for motorbikes, I had to use a bit of duct tape to make them fit on my road bike. Not only were my hands toasty and dry all winter, I started getting recognized around town!

So many people asked me about them! They even rolled down their car windows to comment. After that first season of wearing them, I decided to make a pair specifically designed for bicycles. And the prototyping began...


05 Oct

Skidmore Saturday and Sunday Market

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First time selling at the market! I packed up all my market gear on my bike trailer and headed down to the Portland Saturday Market this past Saturday and Sunday.

It was a perfect autumn weekend where the sun was shining and air was crisp. The market had a lot of people on Saturday. Sunday was a bit slower as the Portland Marathon was taking place and market goers don't want to deal with downtown traffic.

My intention going into the weekend was to sell a couple pairs (of course) as well as to figure out my systems and learn more about the types of people who visit the market. 

It was easier than I thought to get space down there. I learned that the Skidmore Market is actually run separately from the Saturday Market. It is the space across the MAX tracks where they sell elephant ears. All I had to do was call up the Friday before and get their early Saturday to get a space. 

Since I make my products locally, and they are trying to get more local vendors in, I think they were happy to have me there. They were very accommodating and even gave me a corner spot, so I could get more traffic.

I will definitely continue selling at the market, but will wait until after Thanksgiving when the weather gets a bit colder and market goers are thinking a bit more about giving gifts for the holidays.

30 Sep

Pogie Stories: The Beginning

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Along with updates and happenings, I'd like to share how Portland Pogies came to be and other fun things about this adventure.

To start, here is a picture of the motor scooter hand coverings I saw while staying in Shanghai: 

 I spent 3 months there in the spring of 2010. Though it was spring, it was pretty cold and I would say the majority of scooters had them on.

I had never seen a product like that and stopped outside a shop to get a closer look. The man who owned the scooter saw me checking them out. I thought he would yell at me, but instead he took them off his scooter and gave them to me!